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About Maryann von Roth

Northeastern Pennsylvania, is a well-established area that offers a small-town feel many people appreciate. Families can establish themselves here full time, or relax in their go-to vacation spot. The drive from NYC and the surrounding area is about 1 and a half to 2 hours.

In a long-established area like northeastern PA you can experience the culture, and nature lovers will quickly appreciate what it offers not only in hiking but also street fairs, farmers’ markets, music festivals and group activities. That’s no surprise when you consider the amazing Delaware River to the east, plenty of hiking trails, and museums for people to delve into the area. There are many terrific restaurants offering all types of food from more formal gourmet to deli and brewery fare.

The old-school houses give off a cozy feel that’ll appeal to many people looking to escape the busy cities and time-consuming lifestyles we see worldwide. But be assured, every type of architecture is available in the area.
The area offers opportunities to buy a home, property, sell a home or invest. Milford has a lot to offer, helping people reach their real estate goals.

Let me share my knowledge of the area with you and everything it offers. If you work alongside me, I believe we can find the right home for you.